Re: Status about fontconfig CVS regarding cache handling

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Frederic Crozat wrote:
> On my test case, cache was created with fontconfig 2.3.92 (ie before the
> switch to /var/cache/fontconfig). Since fonts didn't change, cache
> "might" look valid but I doubt it does since cache format has changed
> since 2.3.92 ..

I haven't tried such a cache.  But I did change something in
FcDirCacheHasCurrentArch so that it'll properly detect changes in MAGIC
now.  It might also fix your problem.  Let me know if it helps.

> Thanks. I was thinking removing fonts.cache-1 might be a good idea for
> people who will migrate to 2.4.0 (when it is released) so old cache
> don't stay on harddrive. But it might be a problem if directories are
> used with programs using fontconfig 2.2.x and 2.4.x at the same time.

It's totally valid to have fontconfig 2.2 at the same time on some
machines that mount the same filesystem, so I guess that we should not
remove fonts.cache-1 files.

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