Re: fix for unaligned accesses

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Patrick Lam <plam@xxxxxxx> さんは書きました:

> Mike FABIAN wrote:
>>>Why would you want to do that?  It seems like it would be flawed unless
>>>you got a canonical path for the directory anyway.
>> Only because it used to work like that and it is a bit confusing if
>> the behaviour changes suddenly.
>> To get information about unknown fonts, I used to put them in some
>> temporary directory and call "fc-cache ." there, then I looked into
>> the cache file.
>> As the caches are now (usually) generated in /var/cache/fontconfig, it
>> has become a bit inconvenient anyway to find out which cache file
>> belongs to which directory, therefore I guess you are right that it
>> doesn't matter to loose that behaviour.
>> If I want to check what cache files are generated for some new,
>> unknown fonts, I'll have to add the temporary directory to
>> ~/.fonts.conf now.
>> That's no big problem, therefore I think you are right that we
>> can forget about directories which are not subdirectories of
>> directories listed in a .conf file.
> What about if fc-cat . did what you wanted?

That would be nice!

> I think that would be helpful, although I'm trying to fix the issues
> with the cache file directories first;

Yes, that's urgent.

> it would be great if someone else made fc-cat work to
> print out directory font information.

Mike FABIAN   <mfabian@xxxxxxx>

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