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Mike FABIAN wrote:
> Have you looked into this issue?

I was planning to take a look at the open issues today.

> It used to be possible to create a cache file in a directory
> with
>      fc-cache directory
> even if this directory was not a subdirectory of a font directory
> listed in a .conf file.  I think this behaviour should not be changed,
> it should be possible to create a cache in /var/cache/fontconfig for
> an arbitrary directory by giving it as an argument on the fc-cache
> commandline.  It would be confusing if a cache is only generated if
> that directory is a subdirectory of a directory listed in a .conf
> file.

Why would you want to do that?  It seems like it would be flawed unless
you got a canonical path for the directory anyway.

keithp and I talked about implementing our own realpath() a while ago
and didn't especially like the idea.  I'll try to talk to him about it
again sometime.

I'll check about FcInitLoadConfig again, but I think that it can be made
to add directories.  It currently doesn't in part for globally cached
directories, but that's a separate issue.

> Maybe it is the best to implement portable version of realpath () in
> fontconfig?

I also think it would be really good to get the approach I started
working properly, because that really *is* a canonical path to a font.
chdir() won't give you a canonical path, it just gives you a path (e.g.
when you have multiple mounts of a directory).

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