[Fontconfig] Re: Strange behaviour of fc-match of fontconfig current cvs (2.3.93).

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  Reverting FcFontSetMatch()  to the one in 2.3.91 does fix this
issue. So there is something wrong in the new algorithm.
  I think at least we should reuse FcCompare() in FcFontSetMatch()
rather than using another piece of code. FcFontSetSort should have the
same result with FcFontSetMatch () at this point.

James Su

On 12/25/05, Zhe Su <james.su@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi,
>   After upgrading to fontconfig 2.3.93, the behaviour of  fc-match
> becomes very strange. First, fonts can't be matched by their localized
> names anymore. It's ok when using fontconfig 2.3.91 or earlier.
> Second, fc-match gives a different default font than the one I set in
> config file.
>   I think these issues may be caused by the updating of fcmatch.c
> between 2.3.91 and 2.3.93. Do you have any idea about it?
>   I tested it on SUSE Linux 10.0 with latest fontconfig installed. I
> have four Simplified Chinese fonts installed:
> FZHeiTi,????:style=Regular
> FZFangSong,????:style=Regular
> FZKaiTi,????:style=Regular
> FZSongTi,????:style=Regular
>   Run fc-match without any parameter will return:
> FZFangSong.ttf: "FZFangSong" "Regular"
>   However, it should return FZSongTi according to my config file.
>   And I can only match these fonts with their latin name, like:
> $ fc-match FZSongTi
> FZSongTi.ttf: "FZSongTi" "Regular"
>   Matching with localized name will give wrong result:
> $ fc-match ????
> FZFangSong.ttf: "FZFangSong" "Regular"
> Regards
> James Su

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