[Fontconfig] Strange behaviour of fc-match of fontconfig current cvs (2.3.93).

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  After upgrading to fontconfig 2.3.93, the behaviour of  fc-match
becomes very strange. First, fonts can't be matched by their localized
names anymore. It's ok when using fontconfig 2.3.91 or earlier.
Second, fc-match gives a different default font than the one I set in
config file.
  I think these issues may be caused by the updating of fcmatch.c
between 2.3.91 and 2.3.93. Do you have any idea about it?

  I tested it on SUSE Linux 10.0 with latest fontconfig installed. I
have four Simplified Chinese fonts installed:


  Run fc-match without any parameter will return:
FZFangSong.ttf: "FZFangSong" "Regular"

  However, it should return FZSongTi according to my config file.

  And I can only match these fonts with their latin name, like:

$ fc-match FZSongTi
FZSongTi.ttf: "FZSongTi" "Regular"

  Matching with localized name will give wrong result:

$ fc-match ????
FZFangSong.ttf: "FZFangSong" "Regular"

James Su

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