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On Tue, Sep 27, 2005 at 02:44:04PM +0300, lonely wolf wrote:
> Steven Stromer wrote:
> > Is this field the 
> > fqdn of the router provided by the ISP, another router further into 
> > the ISP's network, or what? Can it be either a fqdn or an ip?
> That field lists the name servers of your system. The correct content, 
> unless you have your own name server, you should fill in the DNS values 
> provided by your ISP.

ISP may not provide these data in an explicit manner.  If your
"entry point" gets its address via DHCP then nameserver data are
likely a part of a DHCP response (assuming a sane configuration on
your ISP side).  OTOH if you are using for that "entry point" some
kind of a firewall/router _and_ this device provides DHCP for your
LAN clients then resolvers data should be propagated to them as
well.  Otherwise you likely see these on some "status" display
and for hosts with static addresses you may copy them.

Often such firewall/router devices provide their own caching
nameserver, with this detail quite possibly NOT mentioned
explictitely in a documentation,  and then you may direct your LAN
clients to that one.  To check if it exists just send a query to
it, say with 'dig', and see if it responds.

> The values you fill in will be written to /etc/resolv.conf

These could be fqdns; but if you have issues with name resolution,
or your caches are empty at the moment and nameserver names are not
resolved in, say, /etc/hosts then that may be not so useful :-)
and that is why usually you see these addresses in a numeric form.




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