Re: [Fedora-tools-list] whatever happened to "lint"?

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On Wednesday, Dec 29th 2004 at 13:43 -0500, quoth Robert P. J. Day:

=>On Wed, 29 Dec 2004, K. Richard Pixley wrote:
=>> Robert P. J. Day wrote:
=>> >  is lint gone?  has it been subsumed into gcc?  obviously, it's been
=>> > a while since i've bothered to use it, now i don't know where to look
=>> > for it.
=>> >
=>> The original unix lint is long gone, gone with k&r c.
=>as jakub pointed out, there is "splint", which i'd never heard of
=>> Gcc -Wall does a much better and more thorough job than unix lint
=>> ever did, and doesn't require a separate compilation pass.
=>and this is also a good point -- i may reconsider the use of splint
=>and just crank up the warning level, unless there are some obvious
=>benefits to splint over "gcc -Wall".

Do *not* depend on -Wall. Read the info page and use Wall as a starting 
point. There are lots of other switches that should be used on a routine 

And also, none of this makes any difference unless you correct your code 
to quiet the warning messages.

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