[Fedora-tools-list] utility to convert srec file types?

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  part of a new project i've inherited comes with a program called
"srecfix2", whose job it is to:

  1) convert all type 1,2,3 srec files to type 3
  2) convert all type 7,8,9 srec files to type 7
  3) ignore all others

according to the internal comments of this hideously-written C
program, this is to fix some problems with older loaders.

  i'm wondering if i can do away with this program, and just use
"objcopy"?  i can see that objcopy has a "--srec-forceS3" option, so
it seems i can do the first translation by just copying srec to srec,
and forcing type 3 files as output.

  not sure about the second conversion (or even if it's necessary,
i'll take a closer look at the build structure to see whether any of
these file types even occur).

  but i'm trying to avoid proprietary utilities, and use the standard
GNU tools as much as possible.  will objcopy do what i want, as long
as this utility is really doing just what it claims above?  thanks.


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