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 I have a Fedora Workstation machine. I monitor it with check_mk.
 Since the upgrade from 38 to 39, there is a constant warning about committed memory.
Total virtual memory: 14.85% - 2.03 GB of 13.68 GB, Committed: 129% -
17.72 GB of 13.68 GB virtual memory (warn/crit at 100.00%/150.00% used)

Well, I know that RAM usage is not so simple to interpret, and honestly
I don't understand it very well (what is committed memory?), but the
workload of the machine is exactly the same as before (I use such
computer to display a web page with Firefox, btw the situation does not
change if I close Firefox), and as you can see in the attached graph,
such committed memory usage started to grow the day I upgraded to
Fedora 39.

Any idea? Could it be a clue of some memory leak?


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