Re: Text is blurry in apps like edge, spotify etc. But not blur in system apps , firefox.

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On Wed, Sep 20, 2023 at 1:30 PM Neil Chetty <neilchetty4559@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I recelty upgraded from F38 to F39. In F38 i was using default settings for display which is 2880x1800(16:10), 90hz,200% scaling. AFter upgrading to F39 when scaling is set to 200 percent texts are blurry in apps except system apps and firefox.

This is caused by fractional scaling, which kicks in even for integer multiples now:

The workaround is to disable fractional scaling. There should be a toggle in GNOME Settings, but it's not there yet at this moment. You can see how to disable it manually at the end of this article:

We probably need to create a Common Issue description for this.
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