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Greetings everyone

I am trying to install Fedora Server Edition using netinstall images from https://openqa.fedoraproject.org/nightlies.html

So far, I have not been successful. I tried the installation with yesterday's image and today's image (few minutes ago). I got the same error message as soon as it reaches graphical environment.

I used images from the "Last Known Good" (green) column in the "Server boot" table/section.

After few traceback lines, the last line says:
pyanaconda errors.ExitError: gnome_kiosk exited on signal 5

That was surprising. The box is a Dell Optiplex 3050 though.

I tried exporting a comprehensive report but the box has no internet yet. I might be able to fire off nmcli if I can get a shell.

I am open to ideas as I suspect this is peculiar. Otherwise those images won't be on the "Last Known Good" column.

Onyeibo (@twohot)
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