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On 13/09/2023 at 18:33, Patrick O'Callaghan wrote :
> Forgive my obtuseness, but I've no idea what Toolbx is and the URL for
> the Test page doesn't actually say anything about it. Yes, I could look
> it up, but I can't help thinking this kind of communication could be
> improved.
Toolbox is a tool to create disposable development environments using 
Podman's containers. It's used in OStree based systems (Fedora 
Silverblue, Fedora CoreOS, etc.) to install packages with DNF.

You can find a quick intro to toolbox on fedora magazine [0] or try it 
by running `$ toolbox enter` in a terminal.

[1] Their GitHub Repository :
[2] Fedora documentation:
Matthieu Roquejoffre <matthieu@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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