DNF5 is in a bad state.

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Good Morning

I ran an update on a second rawhide machine of mine (DNF5 broke the
other one and I have not reinstalled Fedora there). After this last
update, I get the following behaviour when I attempt another update:

# dnf update
bash: /usr/bin/dnf: No such file or directory

What I find most aggravating about DNF5 is the silence when it
encounters an issue.  It moves with other things, giving the
impression that all is fine.  It does not print any hint when it
encounters an issue until it finishes. When it is done, the user
discovers a huge mess.

This trend is frustrating for those wishing to file a report. What do
we say is wrong?

Finally ... which Rawhide image is reliable these days? I might need to
grab an image before I poweroff this laptop. I have little faith that
this update will allow my machine to boot. Afterall, there is no
telling at what stage DNF5 lost its way.

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