Fedora 38 Upgrade Test Day 2023-03-28

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Hey All,

As we come closer to Fedora 38 release dates, it's time to test upgrades.
Fedora 38 has a lot of changesets and it becomes essential that we
test the graphical upgrade methods as well as the command line.
As a part of this test day[0], we will test upgrading from a full
updated, F36 and F37 to the F38 for all architectures(x86_64,ARM,aarch
64) and variants(WS,cloud,server,silverblue,IoT).

The results can be submitted here[1]

As usual, we hang out on the #fedora-test-day, should you have questions.

[0] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Test_Day:2023-03-28_F38_Upgrade_Test_Day
[1] https://testdays.fedoraproject.org/events/154

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