Possible problem with texi2dvi on F38

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  while building from source the octave development (to become octave 9) I get 
a problem at the end:

  TEXI2DVI doc/interpreter/octave.dvi
/usr/bin/texi2dvi: Your TeX installation appears to be broken - texi2dvi
cannot determine auxiliary files output from a TeX run.

You may need to install TeX, or change the values of your PATH, TEX
or PDFTEX environment variables in order to proceed.

In the end this is harmless since the only issue is that the documentation is 
not converted to pdf.
In Fedora 38 texlive has been updated to texlive 2022 and I do not have any 
problem with any other application that uses texlive (e.g. when using latex).

Does anyone has seen a problem like this before?
If not I will fill a report in bugzila.

José Abílio Matos

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