Re: Kernel 6.1 Test Week 2023-01-03 through 2023-01-08

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Hey there,

The bridge that used to connect the events (like certain accomplishments achieved by the contributors) to the associated badges is currently still based on (now, deprecated) fedmsg. We do have a compatibility layer of sorts atop it to help with converting those messages into the (now, used) Fedora Messaging schema but it is not perfect and could use some more attention/work.

The Community Platform Engineering team[1] is investigating the same[2] and we plan to work with the community folks[3] to improve the situation regarding the correct awarding of those accolades. It is underway as we speak but as we are very likely planning to redevelop[4] the Fedora Badges ecosystem, it would be a while before everything starts working perfectly as intended.

I appreciate your continued patience regarding the situation. :)


Akashdeep Dhar (he/him),
Objective Representative, Fedora Council
Red Hat Community Platform Engineering
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