Release criteria proposal: require GNOME Shell extension install/remove to work

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Hey folks!

So a bug came up at today's blocker review meeting:

it takes a minute to parse, but the tl;dr is that right now in Fedora
37, you can't go to and install

We agreed that it doesn't violate any existing release criteria, but to
me, this is actually kind of a significant problem. Anecdotally, I get
the impression that a lot of our Workstation users do use extensions,
and not being able to easily install them on a fresh install would be a
big problem for them, and make us look pretty bad.

We have a handful of extensions packaged, though I'm not sure how well
they're kept up to date. Aside from those, I don't know of any other
really practical way for regular users to install extensions besides . Is there one?

Assuming for now that there isn't, I'm gonna propose this as a Final
release criterion to see how people feel about it, to come after
"Default panel functionality":


=== GNOME extensions ===

On Fedora Workstation, it must be possible to install and remove
extensions by visiting in the default web
browser, after installing the required browser extension.


Do folks think this is important enough to block Final release on?
Desktop folks, do you consider it "supportable"?

Adam Williamson
Fedora QA
IRC: adamw | Twitter: adamw_ha

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