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On Sun, 1 Feb 2015, Brian Monroe wrote:

Sorry.  I'm not familiar with the plugin. Are you getting it from the
official Fedora repos? Or is it proprietary and you're just running it
through Wine? 

I found my original postings on this subject:

What I am saying now is: things have greatly improved recently.
It's just that patchlist display issue I am having with TAL-U-NO-LX-V2.dll
TAL-U-NO-Chorus is also interesting. This is a free plugin that faithfully emulates the Juno-60/106 stereo chorus. Works (again) now using dssi-vst.

Many Windows VST plugins run fine under Fedora using the dssi-vst package. Some don't.

Which reminds me: I should send another bugreport to fedora/bugzilla.
If wine is not yet installed before I try to install dssi-vst:

	yum -y install dssi-vst

Then dssi-vst is installed together with some wine components it depends on. But some dependencies are still missing, and dssi-vst is installed but trying /usr/bin/vsthost can't run any vst plugins yet. After doing

	yum -y install wine-*

more wine components are installed, and after that I can start my VST plugins succesfully.

I (or someone else) have to experiment which of the wine components are required exactly to use dssi-vst. These should be added in the "Requires:" lines in the dssi-vst.spec specfile for building the RPM package.


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