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Sorry.  I'm not familiar with the plugin. Are you getting it from the official Fedora repos? Or is it proprietary and you're just running it through Wine? 

If the former, I'd say for a bugzilla bug report against the package.

If the latter, I'd say try opening Wine configuration and running wine in a different mode (I think they have windows versions: win 7, win 8, XP, Vista, ect...) And see if that makes a difference.

On 5:53AM, Sun, Feb 1, 2015 Martin Tarenskeen <m.tarenskeen@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:



Some time ago I reported a problem with (among others) these great VST

using wine and DSSI-VST or Festige. The plugins would crash, where they
were working fine in older versions of wine. Some other plugins on the
market may have suffered from this bug too.

With wine version 1.2.34 that's now in Fedora 21 things have started to
work again! This is good news. But there is a problem with the display of
the patchnames in TAL-U-NO-LX-V2. The fonts look strange and are hardly
readable. But at least I can use the plugin again.


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