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Hello Brendan

Once again many thanks for your speedy responses.

I am not a programmer, but I assume the kickstart file is used by anaconda for the hard disk installation.

Looking at which describes multiple laptop installations of fedora, it would appear that it is possible to pass a bootloader append option like:

bootloader --append="threadirqs rhgb quiet"

What I don't know is whether the /etc/default/grub is modified when the kickstart file is processed.

Also, in the kickstart file a post configuration is run which adds users to specific groups.

Again, what I don't  know is whether /etc/default/useradd is modified when the kickstart file is processed.

Anyway just some ideas...

Cheers, Simon

Simon Lewis
Groß-Gerauer-Straße 84
55130 Mainz
Tel.: +49 6131 5864787
E-Mail: simon.lewis@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Am 02.01.2015 um 11:03 schrieb Brendan Jones:
On 02/01/15 10:36, Simon Lewis wrote:
Hello Brendan

Many thanks for your quick response.

The fc 21 JAM Live iso when burned on to a dvd definitely boots with the
treadirqs parameter - rtirq functions correctly.

I have made two installation onto hard drives from the same DVD and both
installations started without the threadirqs parameter - the sound
devices were not assigned irqs.

Also, the users created on both hard drive installations were not
automatically assigned to the jackuser and pulse-rt groups.

This is a limitation of kickstart. We weren't able to do this at install time, only for the spin user when running in live mode.
Should the users be assigned to any other groups or are there any other
tweaks I should take care of?

The 'realtime mode' section serves as a checklist of sorts, but looks like you have most of it covered:



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