Re: Jam represented well at SCaLE.

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I wasn't at SCaLE, and I'm sorry I missed this. In my humble opinion,
that's largely what Linux as a whole frequently lacks: real world, real
life demos. Don't just tell me about how great Linux is, show me the
cool stuff you're doing with it, and show me <em>live</em>. Risk the
demo going horribly wrong, give me that sense of dread that it could all
come crashing down on us all at any moment.

Whenever I give a talk about Linux and multimedia, I do everything live
for that reason. It's terrifying sometimes but it usually goes well and
I think that makes a better impression than just talking about it or
showing demo reels or whatever.

Just my two cents.


On 02/26/2014 08:06 AM, Brian Monroe wrote:
> Hey guys, I was at the Southern California Linux Expo (SCaLE) this
> weekend to work the Fedora booth. Just wanted to let you all know that I
> brought a laptop with the spin installed on it, set it up with a Fast
> Track Pro, mic, keyboard, keyboard stand, and a guitar. 
> I was running Ardour, Hydrogen, Guitarix, and Qsynth, 
> I had done a cover song in Ardour/Hydrogen, and was ready to help people
> start adding to it/messing with it. 
> Surprising to me, not that many people really cared about the recording
> but a TON of people were shocked by the guitar/effects and wanted to
> play. At times it drew a fairly large crowd and started a ton of
> conversations that we wouldn't have had at the booth without it. 
> We actually won the "Most Interesting Booth" award from SCaLE. 
> Some interesting things I took away from conversations with people who
> stopped by:
> 1) Several Asked if there was a group install (so like  +5 on that idea)
> 2) Many of these people weren't real linux users and asked if there were
> specific instructions on how to set it up. Two of these asked if there
> was a youtube video showing how to do it, which I think is a great idea,
> and I'll do if no one else wants to pick it up.
> 3) Two people asked if there was any music that was recorded with Jam, I
> didn't know of any, and I can't think of anyone who has. Anyone have any
> input on this? 
> 5) Several people were asking for Ableton-like programs and I didn't
> know of any that were on the spin. 
> 4) What do you guys think about a Fedora Activity Day where we can maybe
> do a joint effort for a group recording project? Not quite sure how that
> would look, but I think it's doable. 
> There are a few other easy fixes for us to change on the spin, but I'll
> address those later. Great job guys!
> I wish I had remembered to take pictures of the rig, but I didn't. I'll
> look for a few and see if I can get one.
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