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On 26 January 2014 11:07, Brendan Jones <> wrote:
> A friend of mine, awesome music producer
> ( had a hardware failure and
> decided to try Linux.
> He is very much in the Mac world. Logic is is usual modus operandi. I found
> myself recommending kxstudio. A bit sad really considering we are
> maintaining the Jam spin.

Can I ask why kxstudio? As in: I don't know much about it, is there
anything that can be learnt?

I'm probably the polar opposite to Ed, algorithmic composition really
isn't my thing, I'm someone who knows quite a lot about computers and
messes about with guitars that are often attached to computers. In
that world people are keen on things like pro-tools and cubase (reaper
is gaining some popularity as a budget option). Garageband has been
very successful for Mac, all these things do very smooth integration
(I've played about with ableton as a free copy came with my amp,
similar, recording and sequencing is in one package). On the other
hand, Qtractor if you don't know what you're doing it takes a while to
get a piano roll playing.

I wonder if there's some way to:
1. Spoof integrated tutorials. It'd be a lot of work for upstreams to
build them in, but not sure if there's desktop programming or playback
that can be done.
2. One click setup for some kind of basic workflow. E.g. get jack
started, launch ardour or qtractor or whatever with minimal extra work
to start a project.

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