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One thing I've always felt was lacking from Linux multimedia creation was a 
sense of workflow that new users could latch onto. By this, I mean that I have 
friends who want to start using things like QJackCtl, Qtractor, JSampler, etc, 
but have no idea how they all fit together or what else they might want to 
integrate into their setups (ie, Jack Rack, Jack Capture, Calf, etc)

I imagine KDE Activities could be perfect to guide users toward sensible 
workflow setups. Or maybe more generic pseudo apps, like some shell scripts or 
.desktop files, that would launch a bunch of applications that typically fit 
together, would be nice.

Just a thought. Not entirely fleshed out but maybe it is an idea.


On Wednesday, February 13, 2013 07:56:07 PM Brendan Jones wrote:
> Hey all,
> GSOC has been announced for this year. If you have any ideas for the
> audio SIG, add them to the ideas page [1].
> We lumped Jorn with a lot of ill-defined stuff to complete last year,
> and yet we still ended up with a nightly audio distro, which is a first.
> One project that comes to mind is finishing off Jorn's fedora-jam app,
> but we can only do this if we define  exactly what it is supposed to do.
> Another I was thinking about was a documentation project albeit outside
> of Fedora. More of a Linux Audio user manual, based on what Chris has
> done, but packaged as a distro-agnostic project in its' own right (i.e.
> with examples, samples, project files etc). Something that can be
> packaged for use across all distributions? (the coding component would
> be to determine where everything lives - ie. the Makefile, make && make
> install etc). Just an idea
> I'm sure there are many other ideas to be had. I don't think I want to
> necessarily be a mentor this year, but there's more than enough of this
> list that will qualify. I would probably throw my hat in for  the
> ultimate quintessential audio console which finally bridges jack and
> pulseaudio in an intuitive manner. jam-control Mach #2. Will definitely
> be available to co-mentor
> regards,
> Brendan
> [1]
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- klaatu
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