[Attention] GSoC Mid-term evaluations 2012 July

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Dear Mentors,

According to the timeline, the mid term evaluation is scheduled to be
started on 9th July 2012 (tomorrow).

Please note following key points:

x Only primary mentor per a project should fill the evaluation form
and submit it.
x Evaluation should be finished on or before 13th July 2012, 1900 UTC,
do not wait till the last minute, do it early(may be by Tuesday),
please !
x Submissions should be made to Google via google-melange, not for the
Fedora Project.
x You can find it in your google-melange dashboard
x Mid-term evaluation is a MUST, therefore pay extra attention to
complete it asap. After the deadline there is no excuses.
x If you have questions/ need clarifications, please do contact
(bckurera AT fp.o) me immediately.

Further please read the official announcement from Carol at

Thanks for the support !

Buddhike Chandradeepa Kurera (bckurera)

Email: bckurera@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx | IRC: bckurera | User: Bckurera
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