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Hi Adam, 

Am Mittwoch, 17. März 2010 19:53:59 schrieb Adam Miller:
> Hello mentors!
>     My name is Adam Miller and I am a member of the Fedora QA
> community and in a meeting a couple weeks ago we discussed a new
> concept of using a FAS group to control those who will be able to
> apply karma to packages in CURRENT_RELEASE+1 critical path. The
> proposal I have drafted is located here:
> and
> the issue we've run into thus far is that we don't entirely know how
> to move forward with setting up the mentoring program. Any insight
> would be greatly appreciated!

From the Ambassadors-mentoring pov - we assign the Mentor as a imperative Step 
to become involved into the Ambassadors Group - and we try to assign tasks 
whenever possible. There are certain regional approaches:
the US-Mentors mostly use a Letter with generic Tasks-

in India we have a situation where we encourage to participate in one of the 
various projects within Fedora before applying to become an Ambassador. We 
believe that this provides the necessary skills and experience to handle the 
responsibilities expected of a Fedora Ambassador.

all what you listed on
is something that also a Ambassador should able to do or at least to show new 
contributors. We are always looking for different groups inside Fedora where we 
have tasks to be assigned to our Mentees. Do you think it make sense to add 
this as a possible Task to learn how to do real work inside the Fedora 
Project? If yes, should we encourage the Ambassadors Mentors to assign more QA 
Tasks to new Candidates?

cu Joerg

Joerg (kital) Simon
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