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On Mon, Dec 7, 2009 at 1:11 PM, Shakthi Kannan <shakthimaan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> When they have completed the required items and checked them, they can
> then start to work with mentors from a sub-project. Each mentor has
> their own style of work, which is fine, and it is best left to the
> mentor on how they want to work, as long as it confines to the realms
> of the project and goals.

The other aspect that I was thinking over yesterday was the objective
of the Fedora Mentors list (this one itself). If I recall correctly,
in its earliest form the underlying objective was to provide a means
to allow the coach and the candidate have a discussion on specific
issues being using this as a declarative platform. The list has been
silent for a while. Is there a need to see if the objectives are being
met elsewhere and, we can frame new goals for this list ?

sankarshan mukhopadhyay

Sent from Brisbane, Qld, Australia

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