Possibility of conflict between Fedora & GNU

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Among my three applications in this year's Google Summer of Code, of
which 2 were under GNU and one under Fedora, my proposal regarding GNU
Parted (http://glug-nith.org/~rishi/download/soc/soc-proposal-parted)
has been selected by GNU as one of its top 8 proposals. GNU has been
allocated 8 slots by Google this year.

Having seen a number of exceptionally good proposals being painfully
rejected by the GNU project administrators due to the lack of slots, I
am very eager to know whether I have any realistic chance of making it
with Fedora or not. I have seen the GNU mentors discuss conflicts in
the other top-ranking applications with other organizations and within
GNU itself. However I have seen no such discussion regarding my case.
Since I have not seen any such discussion on this mailing list
regarding Fedora, I can not comment on the situation here. I would
really feel bad if a mere communication gap would lead to either of
these projects losing a slot.

I have already informed one of the GNU project administrators
regarding this development.

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