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On Fri, 2007-01-05 at 13:17 +0530, jitesh dundas wrote:
> hi,
> tahnk u for ur reply,
> i want to become a part of any of these fields
> 1) anything in devepoing the LINUX Operating system using c,c++,.
> 2)also,something in web programming in PHP,'
> 3) i need a guide in the field of computers ,who can give me
> guidance,advice and direction as needed.

That's a very wide ranging topic list.  It's like asking for a guide on
how to be successful!  :-)

Some good Linux programming overview books:

If you're not skilled in C/C++, you might want to try O'Reilly's
"Practical C" and/or "Practical C++" books.  I'm sure there are many
other good volumes.  There are also numerous PHP books out there -- try
searching Amazon.  I see that SAMS has a "Teach Yourself PHP" book, for

You may also want to find out if you have a local Linux Users Group:

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