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hi i need help in linux kernel programming and

in PHP,python..

I need a mentor..

I am a software student , abt to start working and internship..
plz help..

On 12/2/06, David D. Eisenstein <deisenst@xxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi Henning Kvello-Aune,

I asked the email list, and we were having problems figuring
out what it is you are looking for to do with Fedora?

Enclosed is the discussion we had over on the fedora-mentors-list.

You might want to go to:

and sign up to that mailing list.  Once signed up to the list,
then you can post a message there indicating what you would like to
do for the Fedora project, or asking questions of us.

Don't forget to go through and look
around there for ideas.

Hope this helped.  Thanks for writing!!

	Warm regards,

	David Eisenstsin

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