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> Hi everyone,
> I'm Bart Couvreur, a member of the Fedora community for quite some time
> now (since fc2). I'm active in Translation, Documentation, Websites and
> Kadischi. Recently I started an effort to get a Dutch trans-team in
> place, to which I got a lot of response and a few pointers to this
> project.
> So here I am, willing to mentor translators (software, docs, wiki).
> Bart aka couf
> Key fingerprint = 6AAB 544D 3432 D013 776D  3602 ADB6 6B2A D93F 0F93
> PS: I've been reading the list archives and I've seen a banner for this
> project, but it never made it to the wiki, maybe we should get it in
> place now?
> Link:

Welcome and glad to have you on board :)

I'm sure I'll ask a few more questions shortly :)



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