Re: Is this the right way to respond? [Fwd: Re: seeking bugtriage help]

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On Thu, 2006-04-13 at 17:33 -0500, David Eisenstein wrote:
> Hi fellow mentors and mentees,
> I received this email on Monday, April 11, from Abhishek.  This is the first
> time I have been approached as a mentor.  I have merely dipped my toe into the
> Triage project, so am not very well informed about it, but did my best to answer.
> Since we're all kind of new to this, I thought I'd ask for a critical review
> of my response to Abhishek, as well as to let the general mentor community
> know about his request in case someone else here can respond more fully than I
> have.
> Is this response okay?  Are there things I missed saying that I should have,
> or things I said I shouldn't have?  Was it too long?  Too short?  Should I
> forward his request to the fedora-triage-list or let him be responsible for
> making contact there, as I suggested below?
> I appreciate your input.  Thanks a bunch!
> 	Warm regards,
> 	David Eisenstein

Brilliant response mate definately explains everything as to what bug
triaging is.  I'm glad he contacted you since your explanation is far
superior to what mine would be :)



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