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Hi this is offtopic however can you double check your email address for me since you were denied access to this email. I approved it however if you can fix it that would be great.

Back on topic.

What specifically are you interested in the rpm development. Is it creating packages? Is it coding? Also regarding network security there are a list of orphaned(typo?) packages.

I'm assuming it is about rpm development in the sense of creating packages.

Or you can help out on the legacy project which I believe need help as well.

Also if those don't interest you there is a help wanted page.

This will help you pick a specific area which doesn't need you to be able to create packages at all.

There are lots of areas that people can contribute in and its up to you to pick one. :)

Also welcome to the mailing list.


rayhun rashid wrote:

hi there
i am looking for someone who can help me about rpm
development and i like to work on network security.


rayhun rashid

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