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> Now that the presence part is more or less resolved :) how to go about
> catching them and herding them in ?

Ah, not so fast.  I want to make *sure* that presence is resolved before 
we go forward.  :)  Here's what I propose, in some detail:


1. Update the Mentors page.

  a. Add a column for "office hours", in both GMT and local time.

  b. Contact all mentors and ask them to update page accordingly.

  c. After a few days, remove whomever hasn't committed.

  d. Appoint some individual / group to handle feedback, and post
     that info prominently on the page.  Potentially unpleasant 
     duty, but essential, from where I sit; if people come by 
     expecting to find a mentor, and the mentor isn't there, we've 
     got a problem -- and we don't want potential contributors just
     going away silently.  Maybe this is also a "steering committee"
     of sorts?

2. Advertise the hell out of it.

  a. Announce to fedora-announce.

  b. Banner ad on the side nav.

3. Profit!


Feedback welcome.  If people generally agree, we should start banging 
these out pretty quick.


Greg DeKoenigsberg || Fedora Project ||
Be an Ambassador ||

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