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On Tue, 7 Mar 2006, [ISO-8859-1] Máirín Duffy wrote:

> Is the problem that mentors aren't available, or that people aren't
> seeking help?

Dunno.  But I think we need to solve both sides of the problem: awareness 
and commitment.
> Could be that it's *really* hard to find the mentors page? There is no
> static navigation on the wiki onto which it could be added... the front
> page of the wiki, pretty much the only navigation device besides the
> search box, is a bit of a mess and not very visually digestible... there
> is a link to the mentors page there after a bit of scrolling, but it's
> not really explained so well either, e.g., when you link to it, it
> should be made clear - "People who need mentors, go here!" rather than
> "People who want to be mentors, go here!" I mean, obviously you want
> both, but newbies might avoid the current link thinking it's not meant
> for them.

I think you're right.  In fact, I think that people don't even know to 
look for it.
> In the short-term, assuming making new/potential contributors feel
> welcome is a high priority (which I think it should be :) ), why not
> have some sort of 'banner ad' to suck in newbies, maybe point them to an
> intermediary page with a newbie FAQ (want to help yourself?), here's a
> list of people you can bug with questions (talk to a real person!), and
> a link to the HelpWanted page (what is it that you want to do?) I threw
> something together in inkscape, I have no idea of the feasibility of
> having it added but I have the svg for it if anyone thinks its a good
> idea:

Ooh.  I like that.  I think we could do that almost immediately.

The critical thing, though, is to make sure that the current Mentors can 
*actually* do what's asked of them.  And that's also what this email is 
partly about.

Mentors, I'm calling you.  Fall in!  Report for duty!  :)


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