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I just would like to thank Christopher and Marc for their comments and
encouraging words in regards to my introductory email.  From what I
understand it is mostly up to the contributors to make their own

As I have mentioned, I have been working on a Java RMI network chess game. 
However, due to my full-time employment and enormous requirment for this
game to work properly, it would take me a while before I am able to deliver
an Alpha version of this game.

In my opinion, if you would like to have an addition to extras of a
multiplayer chess game there are two options:
1) If it's no hurry I can work on it on my own and when I am ready, I'll
provide an Alpha version for a review or,
2) I can submit a 'work-in-progress' source code so others can continue to
build upon it (I just hope you'd be able to make sense of my code :-) ).

In any case, I'll be happy to make a contribution to Fedora's development -
it is truly my favorite distribution.  Of course, any feedback will be
greatly welcomed.

Thank you,

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