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Victor Skovorodnikov wrote:


My name is Victor Skovorodnikov.  I have a Fedora 4 and I am very interested
in Linux and would like to make a contribution to its software development. The two main reasons for this are:
Welcome to Fedora 4 and the Mentors program.

My biggest concern is whether my skills are good enough to make a
contribution.  I studied Computer Science at the university of BC for three
years that covered anything from basic programming to analysis of
algorithms, databases, and computer architecture.  My website is a bit
outdated but it might give you more information about me: The password to view my resumes is 'bluesky'

Well you have good skills. Certain things might not need those skills but might need others. It really is up to you as to what you would like to do.

If there are any projects you are working on and think I can help, please
let me know.  At work I am currently working with VC++ 6, SVG, JavaScript,
and MapBasic(which is useless to Linux).
I was actually doing some amateur development of a chess game in Java but
have temporarily stopped its progress because I found a full-time job.  And
I was thinking of suggesting a network chess game for Fedora's games
section.  But my chess game uses RMI and although I've managed to make it
work over the firewall, it requires a server to coordinate a game between
two players so there would have to be a remote server holding board
information of many many users and I am not sure on practicality of this.

I am willing to learn and put in as much effort as it is required to get the
job done.
Could you please tell me how much time you expect people you mentor to work
on a package per week?  What is the time frame you allow for people to
complete a project?

It really does depend as to what you want to do. The mention from Chris as to enjoying what you are doing is very important. If you aren't interested/enjoying what program you are monitoring you just don't get involved in it.

For example one program I'm interested in is not in extras and I'm learning on that. Although there are a lot of different areas you can look at depending on your taste.

If you are interested in packaging and creating packages for this great distro

If you are interested in documentation

If you are interested in helping out with bugs

If you are interested in getting involved in the marketing of this great distro :) (slight bias)

If you are interested in learning about how to contribute graphics.

Lastly and very importantly if you want to help out extending fedora with the fedora legacy group

There should be documentation on each of the links on learning more and how to get involved. My personal suggestion is you find out what interests you and get involved with it :)

Again welcome to the start of great addition to fedora.



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