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> > Given that autogen is a development package anyway.  GCC-from-source
> > builders aside, essentially anyone wanting autogen is going to want
> > the two files in autogen-devel.  Given that and the sub-marginal
> > amount of space taken by the two files, I fail to understand why
> > it is worth the bother to separate.
> > 
> Please open a bug in bugzilla.  The packager of autogen needs to respond
> to your comments and that's the only way to be sure to get a hold of
> them.  If you find the packager to be unreasonable other packagers can
> then get involved if there's a clear path forward.

As the packager...

I have followed the rules regarding the headers being in their own
-devel file. The problem (as I see it) is that without the devel
package, the main package is pretty useless. However, adding
R:autogen-devel causes problems (circular deps)

> Is alternatives the right solution to this problem?  Probably not.
> Alternaties was invented to address things like sendmail's sendmail
> program vs postfix's sendmail program.  Both those programs take the
> same options on the commandline and yield similar results through
> different backends.  Is autogen's version of /usr/bin/columns part of
> POSIX, the Single Unix Specification, or LSB?  If so, we have a solid
> foundation and alternatives (or removing alternatives as there is no
> alternative implementation in the system currently) makes sense.  If
> not, then we can only hope that no other open source software chooses
> the generic /usr/bin/columns name for their program otherwise we all
> lose.

It is certainly a pain and would appreciate some guidance on either
repackaging this or the next step forward.


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