Re: FESCo Meeting Summary for 2007-02-08

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On Thu, 15 Feb 2007 09:51:40 -0500, Jesse Keating wrote:

> I was perfectly happy with a rule of "Is there a BuildRoot defined, and it 
> isn't /?  Yes?  PASS"

The RPM maintainer(s) can probably tell you since how long it has been
impossible to build with BuildRoot='/' -- just try it with --buildroot=/
or a modified spec file. It is a fatal error. It is no theoretical threat
anymore. Maybe somewhere on this world there really is somebody who has
ever before done something stupid with such a buildroot definition. But it
is terribly difficult to find such victims or even bug reports about it.

During review, using --buildroot (or mock) is recommended anyway, since
the default path may point to a place that is low on free space. /tmp
versus /var/tmp versus %_tmppath.

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