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Hello everyone,

I'm a 38 year old technical writer from Germany. In my day job I'm
writing instruction manuals for machines and I don't have much
experience with describing software, but I think there will be at least
some similarities :)
I tested Fedora back in my school days with Fedora Core 1 and 2 (still
have the CDs), then I had a long Windows-only phase, which ended when I
first heard about Gnome 3. So I installed Fedora next to Windows with
version 15 and I think I haven't skipped a release since then. Since
one or two years Fedora is my primary OS and Windows is for gaming and
some stuff my wife wants to use. Right now Fedora powers my desktop
system, my ~14 year old laptop and my tablet (Surface Pro 4), which is
a pretty big variety of devices if you ask me...
Parallel to my job I'm working on my master thesis about the advantages
and possibilities when using version control software in documentation
projects... and yes, I'm writing a chapter about how works as a positive example. If someone wants to
talk about it, I'm always glad to have interview partners ;)
A reason to write about the Fedora docs is because I want to contribute
somewhat in the future, after the thesis. I think I am a somewhat
typical linux user who knows enough about computers to not destroy
everything, but has to do some reading first if asked to install
software which isn't in the repos or available as flatpak. So I hope I
can be useful to write tutorials for the average user because I'm one
of them.
What I'm not used to is writing in English, so if you don't understand
something in future communication, maybe that's because I messed
something up. I'll try my best.
I uploaded my GPG key to and this mail should be signed
too, so if someone prefers encrypted communication, you should have
everything you need.

I'm looking forward to work with you
Nils Birkenstock

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