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Le 2021-01-07 21:39, Kevin Fenzi a écrit :
So, we have not yet moved the fedora-docs/fedora-docs-i18n repos.

We did move a bunch of releng ones, including fedora-comps, and it's now
failing on weblate. ;(

tl;dr: Fedora-comps is now fixed.

here is what we discussed on IRC, if someone have to do such actions:

We have to see Weblate projects as a group of one or many components
each component has a link to a git repository

to change the git repo branch: go in the component, in settings, search for "Version control" and change the branch

to change the name of the component itself (for example, the component name is master and we want it to be main): * display name can be changed there: * URL slug is in this page: menu "Manage" then "rename"

have a nice day,
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