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Hi everyone,

I've created a new FAS account last week as I am interested in fixing up/contributing things on the Fedora wiki. Once my account has been created, I was told I need sponsorship to get out of the 'CLA+1' category so here I am (thanks to Pierre-Yves Chibon for the confirmation on the process!).

I have been using Linux for quite some time now (2001): I started with Debian and then Gentoo Linux, then Mandrake and Ubuntu. I have been using Fedora for ~5 years now and I love it (a great mix of current and sleek software along with stability).

I have been wanting to contribute back in one form or the other for some time, usually I report bugs or fix documentation as a start (hence the introduction on this list :). I love free/libre software and think it is very important in the SW/freedom ecosystem.

Skillset-wise, I work as an embedded computing engineer. I have worked on RTOSes as well as certification projects (DO-178C like). I know C/assembly and OSes but also Python as well as cloud-related technologies (having worked on Kubernetes/Docker/Helm and AWS/GCP). I am currently doing infrastructure/container work (another great reason I like Fedora!) around Automotive Grade Linux projects. I am also fond of maker-related technologies like 3D printing.

I am now back on the CEST zone, after living for several years in the US (PDT/San Francisco). As I said, so far, I am interested in fixing pages I use on the wiki for typos/inacurracies/etc.

Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone!



PS: I have noted the bits about my GPG key and I am working on it. Will post a followup when this is done.
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