Fedora 31 Release Notes season is open!

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Hi everyone,

Fedora 31 Beta is out[0] (yay!), and so it's time for us to get working
on F31 Release Notes.

As usual, we aim to cover notable Changes[1]. Ben Cotton has been
tracking those in our release-notes issues for us, which allows us to
grab a list of everything that needs to be documented[2].

Branch f31 is ready for your pull requests.

= What to do

1. Pick one or more issues in the list linked above.

2. Open each issue you picked, and click the Take button on the right to
claim it. (If you claim an issue but later find out you don't have time
to write about it, remove yourself from the issue ASAP so others can see
it's free and take it!) Note that the Take button previously wasn't
visible to people outside the fedora-docs group on pagure and I had no
idea; it should work for everyone now :).

3. Find some information about the issue. A lot of them have plenty of
info in them already; if not, find out who's responsible for the change,
and talk to them on IRC or via mail. Of course it's always better if you
try to do research before you ask questions. Note that you might not
always be able to reach the owner in a reasonable timeframe; in that
case just do your best, I'll be reviewing PRs, so if we publish
something wrong, it's on me.

4. Write a release note about the issue. If you're not sure how exactly
a release note looks, check out some of the previous releases for
inspiration. We don't want any long, overly technical texts, the release
notes are meant to highlight changes, not to tell people how to use

5. Now the workflow diverges based on your permissions and technical

    5a. If you know how to use git and asciidoc, we'd appreciate if you
wrote up the release note and sent a pull request[3] against the main
repo, branch "f31". Your contributions should go into one of the files
in "modules/release-notes/pages/", which one exactly depends on the
contents of the change you're documenting. Use the "build.sh" and
"preview.sh" scripts in the repository root to preview your changes
locally; see the repository README for specific instructions. If you
can't see the section where you added your contributions at all, make
sure it's included in "modules/release-notes/nav.adoc".

    5b. If the above sounds like gibberish to you, it's fine: just add a
comment with your text into the issue, and ping me on IRC/Telegram or
through e-mail; I'll mark it up for you and make sure your contribution
appears in the final document.

If anyone has any questions, go ahead and ask either here on the list or
on IRC, I'm happy to help. The current schedule shows the preferred
final release target on October 22, which gives us 5 weeks to do this.
The release date may slip, but don't count on it.

Happy writing!


[0] https://fedoramagazine.org/announcing-the-release-of-fedora-31-beta/
[1] https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Releases/31/ChangeSet
[3] https://docs.pagure.org/pagure/usage/pull_requests.html
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