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Let’s see. Nightmare Before Christmas is one of my all time favorite movies. I have others, but that just sort of came to mind. Been doing Linux for quite a number of years. Actually started with FreeBSD in my very first IT gig. Fedora was my go to for quite a few years until a friend tempted me with Debian, Knoppix I think it was. 

At my last place of employment I found myself contributing a lot to the corporate wiki. Really enjoyed it. I had the opportunity to write up a lot of different sorts of IT related docs, from disaster recovery to how to manage the IP phones. 

But I think I really got the bug after helping to review and update the company security policies as part of the annual security audit. Who’d a thunk that rewriting and revising for conciseness and clarity could be so satisfying?

Anyway. Presently, I’m between gigs. Been taking this time to explore technical writing more seriously, working through a couple tech comm books, practicing writing generally, and looking into some of the tools of the trade, like DITA and AsciiDoc -- which I have no idea how to use just yet. The whole idea of a document tool chain is pretty wicked though.

Recently I came across the beginners resource post on the relevant subreddit, and here’s me. Looking forward to helping out however I can.


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