how do I build i18n docs?

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we are close to have a working internationalization system for our docs,
thanks to the great job of Adam/asamalik.

Here is where we are now:

Unfortunately, it goes really slow and I feel like six month ago, the
progress was the same.

As it is open-source, it would probably benefit everyone to have some
help, and I'm willing to help too.

But as I never did it myself, and I assume nobody else than Adam ever
did it, I'm asking here in public to have an explanation on how to build
fedora-docs with i18n and publish it on our fedorapeople account or any
other place.

Hopefully, this will be less difficult that what I think, so I or other
contributor may help (from docs@, trans@ or i18n@).

I started a pad with everything I know:

Thanks a lot for your help!
Jean-Baptiste Holcroft
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