Where are we collecting easyfix pages and wiki migration candidate pages? (was: Fedora/Ubuntu page in desperate need of update)

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On 9/29/18 5:26 PM, Matthew Miller wrote:
> https://fedoraproject.org/wiki/Differences_to_Ubuntu
> The part about sudo is very out of date (we _do_ now configure sudo by
> default, and have for a very long time), and the part about dnf is a mess.
> The part about "using apt anyway" should be removed, since it really doesn't
> work.
> The life cycle part could be written in a more positive way, and could
> emphasize ease of upgrades.
> There's probably more stuff. We can talk about GNOME Shell, and also about
> Fedora Server and Fedora Atomic Host / CoreOS.
> So, yeah, all of that, plus of course update to new docs site and put the
> wiki redirect macro in place.
> Anyone interested? This'd be particularly useful for someone who does a lot
> of playing with other distros. (We could use similar for Mint, Debian, and
> Arch as well.)

This does not answer your original question, but are we triaging /
collecting a list of pages like this, where we want more attention /
review by others? If not, where can we collect these?

I want to collect examples like this we could point people to for making
a first contribution to Fedora Docs. I am thinking ahead to when CommOps
revisits this ticket in 2019 to try and drive more contributions to
Fedora Docs:


A list (or tickets) of docs pages that need love or wiki pages that are
good candidates for migration to quick-docs is a helpful resource. It
simplifies planning for this ticket.

Justin W. Flory

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