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I checked our installation guide today and was a bit surprised/disappointed.

What I expected was a step by step guide (like a getting started) and
found a very detailed and over-complicated installation guide that goes
into a lot of detailed options of anaconda options that (using and
installing Fedora on various machines for a while now) basically never

I think it's good to have all these options explained, but I think that
it's probably easier to move these option explanations to sub-pages
instead of having them in the main document, which I would expect to be
very straight forward.

Also, when I click the link to the installation guide on the download
page on the first thing that greets me is a
explanation, that this is the guide about how to install Fedora and that
it can be automated, etc. followed by a bunch of legal information, end
of page.

That's pretty much everything but helpful when someone wants to install
Fedora Workstation on their machine.

I'm willing to compose a (hopefully) more straight forward installation
guide, if there isn't someone else who already does that.

Basic idea: Just getting through a installation with an empty disk and
document this with screenshots. Along with that adding some
descriptions, which should help these pictures. Starting by the boot
process to the User login.

An external, linked, document should also provide guidance for Fedora
Media Writer, if this guide doesn't already exists (the basics exist but
Windows as well as Linux are mixed on one page, and this doesn't seem to
be much sense to me from an end user perspective. Should may be split
into two documents as well)

So what do you think? Agreement, disagreement? Critics are welcome :)


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