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On Fri, Sep 15, 2023 at 10:26 AM Kalev Lember <kalevlember@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Hi all,
> GNOME 45.0 upstream tarball date is this weekend and I'm coordinating
> the downstream builds for F39 and rawhide.
> A quick note where we are in the release schedule:
> Fedora 39 Beta was declared GO yesterday and is going to ship with GNOME
> 45.beta. We have the 45.rc mega-update in Bodhi
> ( and it
> is queued to stable and hopefully gets pushed to stable later tonight
> once the floodgates open again after the F39 Beta freeze.
> My plan is to collect all F39 builds in the f39-gnome side tag, but for
> rawhide build directly for rawhide. Hopefully there are no soname bumps
> between 45.rc and 45.0 complicating things.
> If you are helping with builds, please do the following:
> For F39, use 'fedpkg build --target f39-gnome' and I'll take care to
> submit everything to bodhi as a single mega-update.
> For rawhide, if you are building just a single package, build directly
> in rawhide. If it's a soname bump or anything else that requires
> multiple packages built together, please use a koji self-service side
> tag ('fedpkg request-side-tag' while the rawhide branch is checked out)
> and build using this. We sadly don't have a good way to do named side
> tags (f40-gnome) for rawhide.
> openQA is active in rawhide and gating updates so hopefully it prevents
> any broken updates landing.
> I'm going to be following the above myself and kicking off builds as
> soon as they are released upstream.
> If you run into any issues (or if there are soname bumps or anything
> else that would complicate things), please let me know - I'm available
> for sorting things out.
> Thanks and looking forward to an exciting GNOME 45.0 release!

I just prepared updates for rust-glycin-utils, rust-glycin, and
glycin-loaders (from the current v0.1 pre-releases to the recently
published stable releases), and only just now remembered that you
might want to include them in the GNOME mega-update - I'm currently
building them in side tags for rawhide (f40-build-side-73970) and f39
(f39-build-side-73972), but if you want, we can of course move the f39
builds into the f39-gnome tag instead.

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