GNOME 45.0 builds for Fedora

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Hi all,

GNOME 45.0 upstream tarball date is this weekend and I'm coordinating
the downstream builds for F39 and rawhide.

A quick note where we are in the release schedule:

Fedora 39 Beta was declared GO yesterday and is going to ship with GNOME
45.beta. We have the 45.rc mega-update in Bodhi
( and it
is queued to stable and hopefully gets pushed to stable later tonight
once the floodgates open again after the F39 Beta freeze.

My plan is to collect all F39 builds in the f39-gnome side tag, but for
rawhide build directly for rawhide. Hopefully there are no soname bumps
between 45.rc and 45.0 complicating things.

If you are helping with builds, please do the following:

For F39, use 'fedpkg build --target f39-gnome' and I'll take care to
submit everything to bodhi as a single mega-update.

For rawhide, if you are building just a single package, build directly
in rawhide. If it's a soname bump or anything else that requires
multiple packages built together, please use a koji self-service side
tag ('fedpkg request-side-tag' while the rawhide branch is checked out)
and build using this. We sadly don't have a good way to do named side
tags (f40-gnome) for rawhide.

openQA is active in rawhide and gating updates so hopefully it prevents
any broken updates landing.

I'm going to be following the above myself and kicking off builds as
soon as they are released upstream.

If you run into any issues (or if there are soname bumps or anything
else that would complicate things), please let me know - I'm available
for sorting things out.

Thanks and looking forward to an exciting GNOME 45.0 release!

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