Re: F40 Change Proposal: KDE Plasma 6 (System Wide)

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Dear Michael,

> Full disclosure: Writing this from F38/X11/i3 ;-)
> F39 should be a good release to try the switch (Wayland/sway for me),
> and in fact for some releases we have had dual session options now at
> least for Gnome and KDE (X11/Wayland) so that one could try and switch
> apps gradually. Reliance on WebRTC (and the switches i3/sway, st/foot
> etc) made me chicken out so far, but now is the time!

I'm also writing this reply from X11, but I wanted to suggest that you
try the Alacritty terminal emulator if you haven't already. It has made
a wonderful replacement for st for me (I absolutely needed full-colour
emoji support; having emojis kill my terminal and IRC client like
clockwork was not tenable. But I digress!). It claims to have full
native Wayland support, although I can't remember if I used that mode.

Best wishes,

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