Re: F40 Change Proposal: KDE Plasma 6 (System Wide)

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Il 15/09/23 11:25, Marcin Juszkiewicz ha scritto:
> W dniu 13.09.2023 o 17:53, Aoife Moloney pisze:
>> == Summary ==
>> KDE Plasma 6 is successor to KDE Plasma 5 created by the KDE
>> Community. It is based on Qt 6 and KDE Frameworks 6 and brings many
>> changes and improvements over previous versions. For Fedora Linux, the
>> transition to KDE Plasma 6 will also include dropping support for the
>> X11 session entirely, leaving only Plasma Wayland as the sole offered
>> desktop mode.
> Which leaves us with "Numpad shortcuts don't work in wayland sessions"
> bug in KDE/Wayland:
> Someone in KDE decided to treat KEY_KP1 ("1" on numpad part of pc105
> keyboard) in same way as KEY_1 ("1" on alphanumeric part of pc105
> keyboard). Which breaks several setups where people use shortcuts with
> numpad keys (for me it is Meta+KP[1-9] to organize windows).
> This bug is one of reasons I am still on KDE/X11 rather than KDE/Wayland.
Interesting, see also what I reported about the decimal separator from 
the numpad not honouring the locale setting:

So the whole numpad in kde-wayland doesn't work as expected. 
Unfortunately, it doesn't seem anyone cares because "can be worked 
around by using the other key". Hopefully, when everyone will be forced 
to Wayland and start reporting broken things, someone will look at that.


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